2019 Artists

Above The Bit
Alana Wilkinson
Alysha Brilla
Amaru Tribe
Ash Bell & Sara Tindley
Ash Grunwald
Bar Choir
Bellarine VET Music
Brekky Boy
Charlie Collins
Claire Anne Taylor
Clare Bowditch
Cooper Lower
Doc Halibut
Fenn Wilson
Hiatus Kaiyote
Ian Noe
Immy Owusu
Isabella Khalife
Joe Pug
Karen Lee Andrews
Kent Burnside
Missy Higgins
Mojo Juju
Momoko Rose
Nano Stern
Nathan Seeckts
Newton Faulkner
Paul McDermott & Gatesy
Ross Wilson
Sarah Carroll & Shannon Bourne
Sky Eater
Steve Poltz
Stevie Jean
Tanya George
The Barren Spinsters
The Cat Empire
The Delta Riggs
The Ethan Farmer Band
The Jellyman's Daughter
The Long Johns
The Mamas
The New Savages
The Strides
The Swamp Stompers
The Waifs
The Weeping Willows
Tides of Welcome
Tim Finn
Tom Richardson
Troy Cassar-Daley
Vince Peach
Yoga Loves Music

* Artists, program, days & times, subject to change, without notice.

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